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Molecular and Medical Pharmacology


Overview: The Quantitative Biomedical Imaging & Computational Sciences Group has the responsiblity of continuing the development and maintenance of the image database system for PET, mPET, and other nuclear medicine images. It provides support for image analysis and general computation and facilitates research/clinical/developmental work in the Division of Nuclear Medicine. Specially, the Computational Sciences provides the following general central services/capabilities:

  • Development and maintenance of image database systems for PET, mPET and nuclear medicine images to create an on-line database for patient, animal, cylinder and phantom from all PET scanners to facilitate easy image data archival/retrieval/search.

  • Image analysis and computation services that include
    • Image reconstruction
    • 3D image co-registration (MRI-PET, PET-PET, MRI-CT)
    • Image conversion (MRI-PET, CT-PET, DICOM-PET, etc.)
    • Parametric image generation from PET studies
    • Kinetic Imaging
    • General image processing (e.g., 3D image reslicing and MRI image segmentation)
    • Data access portal

  • Provide technical support for all scanners, software development in the clinical/research area (IDL, MATLAB, ECAT s/w and Unix environment).
The following programs have been developed by the group:

Webmaster: Dr. Koon-Pong Wong, kpwong [at] mednet [dot] ucla [dot] edu