Sung-Cheng "Henry" Huang

Molecular & Medical Pharmacology

Office: B2-085H CHS Phone: (310) 825-6647
Lab: Image Analysis Lab (B2-085) Phone: (310) 794-6675


Research Interest:

We study the delivery, transport, metabolism and receptor binding of labeled compounds and drugs in local tissue regions in vivo, using the methodologies of quantitative PET, tracer kinetics and modeling. Tracer kinetic models are formulated and validated based on experimental biochemical information. Based on the validated models, practical study procedures and reliable estimation techniques are developed to obtain quantitative biological information in vivo in humans. Major emphasis is on the understanding of basic mechanisms related to the uptake, clearance and metabolism of labeled compounds under various conditions. Biological parameters studied include blood perfusion, glucose utilization rate, oxygen consumption rate, dopamine D2 receptor density, and fluoroDOPA decarboxylation rate.


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